Dear webmasters!

We are glad to present you new webmaster panel and filemanager. It have become more informative, ergonomic and functional, than previous version. You can try it clicking on link at the top of the page. At every moment you can return your old webmaster page.


    Percent from sales & rebills  



In this tariff we pay up to $50 for 1000 downloads from Germany,Switzerland, USA and England. Payments for other countries are $5.

Your earn:

File size Earn
0 to 10 MB $5 for 1000 downloads
10 to 50 MB $10 for 1000 downloads
50 to 100 MB $12 for 1000 downloads
100 to 250 MB $15 for 1000 downloads
250 to 1500 MB $30 for 1000 downloads
1500 MB and more $50 for 1000 downloads



At this rate you earn money from each sale. (35% of each sale)

Your earn:

  • 35% of each sale
  • average cost of 1000 downloads can be up to $ 35



On the first steps of this tariff, You will be able to receive bonuses for both file downloads and sales. Moves to another steps will bring You nice and useful bonuses. The more and better You work, the higher is the percent from sales, and the maximum percent can be 80%!

    Percent from sales & rebills  

Your earnings:

  • до 80% from each sale
  • до 80% from each rebill
  • 5% referral bonuses
  • extra $0.10 from sales made on Your site